About Doll Villa


Doll Villa is a small, cage-free, home based cattery specializing in showing and breeding CFA and TICA pedigreed Ragdoll cats according to the Ragdoll breed standards. We take pride of the health and temperment, as well as the type and beauty of our Ragdolls. All of our cats are NEVER CAGED! They are an important part of our family and daily lives. Our kings have their own rooms and are allowed to come out and roam the house under supervision during the days. Our queens are always allowed full access to the house. Our kittens are raised by our sides with lots of love, hugs and kisses from the first day they are born. They are happy, healthy, and well socialized with children and dogs.

Our cattery is located 30 miles east of Los Angeles, on the sunny hillside of La Habra Heights, California. We regularly exhibit our cats in CFA & TICA shows. We are also proud members of the following Ragdoll clubs:



When it comes to breeding, we choose quality over quantity. We maintain a very small number of breeding cats and only produce very few litters of kittens each year in hope for a better kitten for ourselves to show. All of our breeding cats are tested negative of FeLV*/FIV*/HCM*/PKD*. Please visit our Kings and Queens pages to meet our lovely breeding cats. Kittens available for adoption will be posted in our Available Kittens page. Please make sure to fill out our Kitten Adoption Form if you are interested in adopting one of our precious babies. If you have any questions regarding our cats or Ragdolls in general, please don’t hesitate to email us at contact@ragdollvilla.com. We will be very happy to answer your questions.

*FeLV — Feline Leukemia Virus

*FIV — Feline Immunodeficiency Virus

*HCM — Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

*PKD — Polycystic Kidney Disease

Our love for Ragdolls begins in the Fall of 2004 when we adopted our first pet Ragdoll kitten, a neutered boy name Floopy (yes with two Os as we named him after Snoopy) from the President of Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide, Ms. Eileen Pickett of Villaroyal Ragdolls. It marked the beginning of a long term friendship between us and Ms. Pickett. 16 years has passed, and Floopy is still as beautiful and playful as he was the first day he came home. He is and will always be the dearest baby boy in our hearts. We are forever grateful to Eileen for not only trusted us with Floopy, but also our first breeding pair of Ragdolls — Charming and Cinderella. Eileen’s endless patience and generosity in sharing her knowledge about this incredible breed continue to delight us every day.

DSC_0153 (2)

Floopy, our first pet Ragdoll


We would also like to thank Mrs. Sallie Dubay of Sal-Shire Ragdolls for entrusting us with her precious girl — CFA Grand Champion/TICA Regional Winner Triple Grand Champion Sal-shire Merida of DollVilla, and for her guideness and tips on Ragdoll exhibiting. Merida is our dream come true. We were finally able to actually enjoy showing our cats.


Without these wonderful people, there would be no Doll Villa.

Lauren Tan & Kevin Yang

Doll Villa Ragdolls

La Habra Heights, CA