Previous Kittens

Last Updated: December 18, 2017

Jigglypuff x Simba kittens (DOB August 26, 2017) went home December 2017

Maccha (Seal Bicolor Boy) — living in San Jose, CA

Creamy (Seal Bicolor Boy) — living in Seattle, WA

Ezreal (Seal Bicolor Boy) — living in Philadelphia, PA

Mable (Seal Lynx Bicolor Girl) — living in Seattle, WA

Pepper x Georgie kittens (DOB June 12, 2017) went home September 2017.

Lucas (Seal Mitted Boy) — living with Chen in San Jose, CA

Mimi (Seal Tortie Mitted Girl) — living with Mary in Irvine, CA

Nudge x Jon kittens (DOB October 10, 2016) went home January 2017.

Chloe (Seal Bicolor Girl) — living with my dear friends Sallie and Steve of Sal-Shire cattery in South Carolina.

Sherlock (Blue Bicolor Boy) — living with Servena in Tempe, AZ.

Sisi (Seal Bicolor Girl) — living with Lexin in Irvine, CA.

Ink (Seal Bicolor Boy) — living with Shaoyi in Seattle, WA.

Belle x Jon kittens (DOB July 29, 2016) went home November 2016.


Zilong (Seal Bicolor Boy) — living with Yanping in Castro Valley, CA.


Sushi (Seal Bicolor Girl) — living with Zhihao in Tempe, AZ.


Kashi (Seal Bicolor Girl) — living with Kaz and Jordan in Marina Del Rey, CA.


Hermes (Seal Bicolor Boy) — living with Phoebe in Arcadia, CA.


Seven (Seal Bicolor Girl) — living with Zoey in Irvine, CA.


Spice (Blue Bicolor Boy) — living with Hao in Manhattan, KS.


Qiu Qiu (Seal Bicolor Girl) — living with Fei in Malden, MA.

Merida x Jon kittens (DOB July 12, 2016) went home October 2016.


Jasmine (Blue Bicolor Girl) — living with Jessica in Irvine, CA


Cupid (Blue Bicolor Boy) — living with Fei in Las Vegas, NV


Gracie (Blue Bicolor Girl) — living with my dear friend Kristen Avila of Beautydolls

Cindy x Jon kittens (DOB May 8, 2016) went home August 2016.


Judy (Blue Mitted Girl) — living with David in Santa Ana, CA


Apple (Blue Bicolor Girl) — Living with Phoebe in Arcadia, CA


Draco (Blue Mitted Boy) — Living with Bojin in Irvine, CA


Flash (Blue Mitted Boy) — Living with Marcus in Glendale, CA