Last Updated: May 26, 2019

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Dora featured in CFA’s Top 10 Most Popular Breeds representing #1 Most Popular Breed — Ragdoll!

CFA’s Top 10 Most Popular Breeds

Some of Our Favorite Moments at Shows

Cookie granded at Victor Valley Cat Club show in Palm Springs, CA on February 9, 2019, at only 8 months and 8 days old. Congrats to our new baby grand Cookie!

Cookie went to her first show as an adult at Seattle Cat Club show in Longview, WA on February 2, 2019 and made all six finals with 191 grand points! Way to go girl!

More pictures of Dora at the shows.

Dora’s 1st full show as Grand Champion at Crown City Cat Club show in Ontario, CA, January 12-13, 2019.

Our home bred girl Dora became CFA Grand Champion at 8 months and 9 days of age. So very proud of her! She also finished her kitten show career as the BEST Ragdoll kitten and 10th All Breed kitten in CFA R1-9!

Exciting Results from CFA International Show 2018:

Midnight became Grand Champion at the CFA International Show. Dora was the highest scored Ragdoll kitten in show (purple)!

Midnight with her rosettes:

Sugar with his rosettes:

February 17-18, 2018 at CFA Call of the Wild Cat Fanciers show in Santa Rosa, CA

Simba continues to amaze us with seven finals out of eight rings competing against 62 other cats in championship.

February 10, 2018 at CFA Friends & Family Cat Club show in Palm Springs, CA

Simba received three finals out of six rings including one Best Longhair Cat and one Best Allbreed Cat!

February 3, 2018 at CFA Valley Cat Fanciers show in Longview, WA

It was Skye’s first show as adult and he became CFA Champion! He also made two finals out of six rings against the Grand Champions. Simba also made four finals. So proud of these two boys!

January 27-28, 2018 at CFA San Diego Cat Fanciers show in Del Mar, CA

It was Skye’s last show as kitten and wow did he do our proud! The competition was furious with 50 kittens, and Skye received 4 finals out of 8 rings, including two BEST kitten! We could not be happier with our boy Skye.

January 20, 2018 at CFA Poppy State Cat Club show in Auburn, CA

Very tough show with many great cats and kittens. Simba and Skye each made three finals out of six rings.

January 13-14, 2018 at CFA Crown City Cat Club show in Ontario, CA

Happy New Year! This was the 1st show of year 2018 for us and both Simba and Skye did very well. We are so happy to be back in the show hall after the holiday breaks. Simba made 7 finals out of 10 rings, and Skye made 5 finals!

December 16, 2017 at CFA Show and Tell Cat Club Show in Cleburne, TX

Very high cat count with 11 Ragdolls in championship and 5 of them GCs. Simba did well and received Best of Breed in three rings and 2nd Best of Breed in two rings, with three finals!

December 9-10, 2017 at CFA Phoenix Feline Fanciers Show in Mesa, AZ

December 2-3, 2017 at CFA Lewis and Clark Longhair Specialty Cat Club Show in Portland, CA

November 18-19, 2017 at CFA International Cat Show in Portland, CA

It was a huge show with over 500 cats entered! Simba was the 2nd Best Ragdoll and 11th Best Longhair Cat in Show!

November 4, 2017 at Golden Gate Cat Club CFA show in Livermore, CA

October 28, 2017 at Poinsettia City Cat Club CFA show in Glendale, CA

Simba received 4 finals out of 6 rings.

Skye received 3 finals out of 6 rings.

October 7-8, 2017 at The Santa Monica Cat Club CFA show in Pomona, CA

Skye’s 1st kitten show and he received two finals!

Pepper became CFA Champion today!

Moana became CFA Champion today!

Simba received 6 finals out of 8 rings. Good job!

September 9, 2017 at Hemet Feline Fanciers CFA show in San Jacinto, CA

Simba received 5 finals out of 6 rings.

July 29, 2017 at Seattle Cat Club CFA show in Portland, OR

Simba became CFA Grand Champion in judge Neil Quigley’s ring today!

June 10 and 11, 2017 at America’s Finest Felines TICA show in Arcadia, CA

Regional Winner DollVilla Jigglypuff became a TICA Double Grand Champion today! I am so proud of my baby girl!

May 27, 2017 at Superstition Cat Fancier CFA show in Phoenix, AZ

This was Simba’s first show as adult and it went beyond our imagination! 8 months old Simba received 163 grand points (total of 200 grand points are needed to become a grand champion) as well as 121 national/regional points! We are so proud of our baby boy and we look very much forward to granding him at our next show!

May 7 and 8, 2017 at Rebel Rousers Cat Club and New Vision Cat Club CFA show in Lawrenceville, GA

Simba’s last show as kitten went successful. He made 10 finals out of 12 rings. Now we look forward to starting showing him in the Champion class!

April 29 and 30, 2017 at Santa Monica Cat Club CFA in Pomona, CA

Another successful show for Simba and Jigglypuff! Simba got 6 finals out of 8 rings. Jigglypuff was also in 1 final and received a 2nd Best Longhair Champion and 3rd Best Allbreed Champion ribbons.

April 22 and 23, 2017 at CFA World Cat Congress, Las Vegas

34 All Breed kittens were competing at this show. Simba was the highest scored kitten on Saturday and 3rd highest scored kitten on Sunday! No word can express how happy and proud I am with this fantastic boy. Jigglypuff also received a 3rd Best Longhair Champion ribbon. I want to thank all judges who liked Simba and Jigglypuff. What a fantastic show for us!

April 15 and 16, 2017 at CFA Mesquite, TX

Simba received 12 finals out of 12 rings with an All-breed Best kitten, and was the 4th highest scored kitten in show! Moana also received 4 finals. So proud of my babies!

April 8 and 9, 2017 at TICA Placerville, CA

Jigglypuff received four Best of Breed out of 12 rings with one final. Simba received 4 All-Breed finals and was the highest scored Ragdoll kitten in show!

March 25, 2017 at TICA Arcadia, CA

8 months old Jigglypuff went to her 1st show as an adult and earned her TICA Champion title! She received six Best in Breed out of eight rings with three finals. Congratulations to my baby girl!

March 11, 2017 at CFA Ontario, CA

7 months old Jigglypuff and 6 months old Simba each received 1 final out of 6 rings. It was also Jigglypuff’s last show as a kitten. Looking forward to continue showing her as an adult!

February 25, 2017 at CFA Glendale, CA

7 months old Jigglypuff and 5 months old Simba each received 2 finals out of 6 rings with total kitten count of 47.

December 2-4, 2016 at TICA Ragdolls Around the World, Tucson, AZ

Wow where do I begin with this show… There were 61 Ragdoll kittens from around the world came to Tucson for this once every 2 years Ragdoll congress. We met many old and new friends and have so much fun! 4-month old Jigglypuff again surprised us with a Best of Color/2nd Best of Division/3rd Best of Breed! Very proud of our baby girl!


November 26, 2016 at CFA Glendale, CA

This was a very tough show with very high kitten counts. 4-month old Jigglypuff and 6-month old Tarzan each received a final.

1481061345img_4292 1481061346img_4298

November 19-20, 2016 at TICA Arcadia, CA

4-month old Jigglypuff debuted her show career with a Best of Breed against 13 other Ragdoll kittens and an all-breed final. I’m so very proud of her as she is the very first kitten I kept from my own breeding program.



May 14-15, 2016 at TICA Arcadia, CA

Congratulations to 9-month old Jon Snow for achieving his Quad Grand Champion title today! I am so proud of my big teddy bear boy!

April 16-17, 2016 at TICA Scottsdale, AZ

Another big congratulation to 8-month old Jon Snow for receiving 6 finals with a Best Cat (big thanks to dear judge Toni Scarboro) at his very first show as an adult! If the points are enough, he could have proudly became TICA one show Grand Champion! Merida also received one final which made her TICA Triple Grand Champion! We really had fun in Scottsdale!


April 2-3, 2016 at CFA Pleasanton, CA

Big congratulations to Merida, who has become a CFA Grand Champion in dear judge Donna Fuller’s All Breed ring. This was not an easy show — with 61 very competitive opens/champions it was hard to make into the finals, and Merida received 3 finals out of 8 rings! Merida is Doll Villa’s first CFA Grand Champion. This moment will be memorized and treasured forever!

image4(4) image5(3) image6(1) image7(1)

March 19-20, 2016 at CFA Boise, ID

This was Jon Snow’s last show as a kitten and he recevied 6 finals out of 8 rings with three 2nd best kittens. After this show, Jon has become CFA 2015/2016 Best Blue Bicolor Ragdoll Kitten in the world. He is also CFA 2015/2016 2nd Best Ragdoll Kitten in the U.S. I am very proud of our accomplishments!

image1(5) image2(5)

March 12-13, 2016 at CFA Portland, OR

Another cross region, two-day 8-ring show for us. Jon Snow and Merida continued doing good.

image1(4) image3(4)image2(4)

March 5-6, 2016 at CFA San Jose, CA

This was our 1st across region show. It was a two-day 8-ring show. Both Jon Snow and Merida did good.

image5(2) image6 image7 image8 image9

February 27, 2016 at CFA Glendale, CA

Jon Snow received two finals out of six rings — 6th Best All Breed Kitten and 3rd Best Longhair Kitten. I love the beautiful rosettes from this show!


February 20-21, 2016 at TICA Arcadia, CA

Congratulations to Merida who received 9 Best in Breed out of 10 rings with 3 All Breed finals. She has got enough finals to become a Double Grand Champion! I am so proud of our girl! Jon received 5 Best in Breed out of 10 rings with 1 All Breed final.

image1(3) image2(3) image3(3) image4(2)

February 13, 2016 at CFA Palm Springs, CA

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the DollVilla fans! CFA Palm Springs, CA — this is a one day 6 rings show with 43 kittens and 80 cats. Jon got 2 finals — 3rd Best LH kitten and 8th Best AB kitten. Merida also got one final — 3rd Best LH Champion. Congratulations to my prince and princess!

image1(1) image2(1) image3(1)

January 28 – 31, 2016 at 10th Anniversary IRC Ragdoll Show in Portland, OR

Merida, Jon Snow, and Belle flew into cold and rainy Portland for this three day Ragdoll show and each got a lot of ribbons! We also got to meet some of our Ragdoll friends and a LOT of spectators (5,000+ each day)! We are all so glad that we survived this show. lol…

image2(2) image4(1) image1(2) image5(1)

January 16-17, 2016 at TICA SoCal ExoTICA Cat Show in Arcadia, CA

Merida and Jon Snow each got two finals plus one Ragdoll award — Merida got the Best Ragdoll Tail Award, and Jon got the Best Ragdoll Pattern Award. Merida is two finals away from granding. Way to go girl! Jon did fairly well in a six Ragdoll kitten competition.

image1 image2 image3 image4 image5

December 13, 2015 at TICA Kat Knappers Cat Club show in Arcadia, CA — Merida went to her first TICA show as an adult and got her Champion title and two finals! Belle got one final. Girls rock!

November 26, 2015 at CFA Pointsettia City Cat Club show in Glendale, CA

Happy Thanksgiving to Doll Villa fans! Please join us to celebrate Merida’s very first CFA show as an adult. She got her Champion title today! Dear judge Bob Salisbury has always liked Merida and he rewarded her an All Breed final! I am so happy to see my baby girl growing up to become a beautiful young lady!

image1(2) image2(1) image3(1)

It was also Belle’s very first show in the Kitten class! She did not get any final but what was so fun was that we entered into the Cats in Hats contast and won 3rd place! Her prizes — a beautiful hand-made rosette plus $30 bucks!! This is why we love to show — we always have fun and there is always unexpected suprises waiting for us!


October 31-November 1, 2015 at CFA The Santa Monica Cat Club show in Costa Mesa, CA

Happy Halloween to Doll Villa fans! This was Merida’s last show as a kitten. Tough two day shows with furious competitions! Merida only got 1 final but I am still very proud of her. You go girl! Look forward to her championship shows starting mid of November!

image1 image1(1) image3 image4 image5

October 3-4, 2015 at CFA Golden West Cat Club show in Palm Springs, CA


September 12, 2015 at CFA Hemet Feline Fanciers show in San Jacinto, CA


September 5, 2015 at CFA Superstition Cat Fanciers show in Phoenix, AZ


August 18, 2015 at CFA The Santa Monica Cat Club show in Ontario, CA