Our Queens

CFA GC/TICA RW TGC Sal-shire Merida of Doll Villa

CFA Grand Champion
TICA Regional Winner — SW Region 2015/2016 Season 15th Best Longhair Cat
TICA Triple Grand Champion
CFA 2015/2016 3rd Best Ragdoll Kitten in the U.S.
Blue Point & White (Bicolor)
DOB: March 11, 2015
SIRE: CFA CH Ritzyrags Riley of Sal-shire
DAM: TICA TGC Sal-shire Nudge
FeLV/FIV negative
Tested negative of HCM and PKD genes by UC Davis

image8(1)  image7(1)  image6(2)  image5(3)  image4(3) (1)  image3(4)  image2(2) (2)  image1(3) (3)  image4(2) (2)   image8   image6(1)   RH23_030     RH23_029     RH23_028     RH23_027     RH23_026     RH23_025     RH23_024     RH23_023     RH23_022    RH23_021   RH23_019   RH23_018   DSC_4075   DSC_4073   DSC_4067   DSC_4062  DSC_4061  DSC_4058

I cannot say enough good words about this girl! Merida is a charm at home as well as in the show rings! Her boning is so solid, chest so broad that the judges sometimes think  that she is a boy. She also has deep blue eyes and soft and silky fur. Many thanks to Sallie of Sal-shire for letting me have this precious baby. I am extremely honored!

USAPurrs Bella Rose of Doll Villa

Seal Point Mitted
DOB: July 21, 2015
SIRE: TICA RW QGC Marlcreek Mattias
DAM: USAPurrs Yankee Doodle Dolly
FeLV/FIV negative
Tested negative of HCM and PKD genes by UC Davis
image1111 image2 image1 1486489667IMG 8519 1486489668IMG 8524 1486489668IMG 8525 1486489668IMG 8526 1486489669IMG 8529 1486489668IMG 8521 1486489668IMG 8522 1486489669IMG 8530 1486489668IMG 8520 1486489669IMG 8527 1486489669IMG 8528 1486489668IMG 8523 1485454703IMG 6913 1485454703IMG 6919 1485454703IMG 6915 1485454703IMG 6899 image10 (1) image12 image11 image9(1) image8 (1) image7(1) (1) image6(1) (1) image5(2) image4(4) image3(4) (1) image2(5) image1(5) (1) image7          image5 (1)          image2 (1)          image1 (1)

When I first saw her pictures I thought “what a beauty!” She has to be named Belle. Belle is very playful and sweet tempered. She is also a wonderful mom and produces kittens as beautiful and sweet as she is! Thanks Bri DeFoe of USAPurrs for this amazing girl!

CH DsJewels Pepper Potts of Doll Villa

CFA Champion
Seal Tortie Point & White (Bicolor)
DOB: January 18, 2016
SIRE: CFA GC/TICA OS RW SGC DsJewels Royal Blue Genes
DAM: TICA OD RazlDazlDolls Cherrykss of DsJewels
FeLV/FIV negative
Tested negative of HCM and PKD genes by UC Davis
image3 image2 (1) 1505416787IMG 8466 1505416787IMG 8471 1505416787IMG 8465 1505416787IMG 8474 1505416787IMG 8473 1505416787IMG 8475 1505416787IMG 8470 IMG 0105 1475612266IMG 0769 20160529_Kino Kat Klub-144-Edit 20160529_Kino Kat Klub-143-Edit 20160529_Kino Kat Klub-141-Edit 20160529_Kino Kat Klub-139-Edit 20160529_Kino Kat Klub-137-Edit 20160529_Kino Kat Klub-136-Edit 20160529_Kino Kat Klub-134-Edit

Pepper came from my dear friend Dena Icks of D’s Jewels cattery in Oklahoma. She is so beautiful with very unique but perfect tortie markings. I felt in love with her the first time I saw her in a video. She is as playful and sweet as our mitted girl Belle. The two of them like to hang out and play together, even race with each other in our hallway. A million thanks to dear Dena for giving me this cute little hopper!

RW DGC Doll Villa Jigglypuff

CFA Champion
TICA Double Grand Champion
TICA Regional Winner — SW Region 2016/2017 Season 21st Best Longhair Cat
Blue Point & White (Bicolor)
DOB: July 12, 2016
SIRE: TICA RW QGC/CFA CH Soulmate Jon Snow of Doll Villa
DAM: TICA RW TGC/CFA GC Sal-shire Merida of Doll Villa
FeLV/FIV negative
Tested negative of HCM and PKD genes by UC Davis
image1 (1) 1491884602IMG 0465 1491884602IMG 0463 1491884602IMG 0461 TB25 248 TB25 247 TB25 258 TB25 249 TB25 254 TB25 259 TB25 250 1486487271IMG 8366 1486487271IMG 8362 1486487271IMG 8363 1486487319IMG 8457 1486487320IMG 8458 8 wk 17 (1) 8 wk 16  8 wk 14  8 wk 13  8 wk 12  8 wk 11  8 wk 09  8 wk 05  8 wk 02  8 wk 01

Jigglypuff is the first kitten I kept from my own breeding. It was love at first sight — I decided that she would stay with me at the moment she was born. My daughter named her after a cute, PINK pokemon. Jigglypuff has ever since become more and more adorable and captured all the hearts in this house. I cannot wait to start showing her this Winter!


CH Doll Villa Moana

CFA Champion
Seal Point & White (Bicolor)
DOB: October 10, 2016
SIRE: TICA RW QGC/CFA CH Soulmate Jon Snow of Doll Villa
DAM: TICA TGC/CFA CH Sal-shire Nudge of Doll Villa
FeLV/FIV negative
Tested negative of HCM and PKD genes by UC Davis
image1 (3) image2 (3) 1491884603IMG 0721 TB25 232 TB25 231 TB25 237 TB25 240 TB25 246 TB25 236 TB25 234 1486498080IMG 8354 1486498079IMG 8350 1486498079IMG 8351 1486498080IMG 8349 1486498079IMG 8353 1485451603IMG 7093 1485451604IMG 7105

Another girl I kept from my own breeding. Moana has very good type and boning and is a total sweet heart. She will be a great asset to our cattery.

Future Queens


Beautydolls Ariel of Doll Villa

Seal Tortie Point & White (Bicolor)
DOB: June 26, 2017
SIRE: TICA RW TGC DsJewels Red Hot Chili Pepper
DAM: Darlinlildols Touched By An Angel
FeLV/FIV negative
Tested negative of HCM and PKD genes by UC Davis

Pictures coming soon…