Our Kings

Catlana Georgio Armani Jr

Traditional Lines
Seal Point Mitted
SIRE: CH USAPurrs Georgio Armani of Catlana
DAM: Heartnsoul Chanel 5 of Catlana
FeLV/FIV negative
Tested Negative on HCM and PKD genes by UC Davis
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Many many thanks to Barb of Catlana cattery for trusting us with this precious boy! Georgie is from traditional lines. He has strong boning, silky soft and abundant coat, great type and saturated blue eyes. I fell in love with him the first time I met him at the Boise CFA show when he was just 5 months old. It was my dream come true to welcome this boy home a year later. Thank you Barb!

GC, NW Chiffondolls Simba of Doll Villa

CFA Grand Champion and National Winner
2017-18 CFA Regions 1-9 (North America, Europe, and Japan):
25th Best Cat in Championship
2nd Best Ragdoll in Championship
2017-18 CFA Southwest Region:
4th Best Cat in Championship
Best Ragdoll in Championship
Seal Lynx Point & White (Bicolor)
SIRE: CFA GC KizzyKat Kennedy of Chiffondolls
DAM: CFA GC Chiffondolls Audrey’s Mini-Me
FeLV/FIV negative
Tested Negative on HCM and PKD genes by UC Davis
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 Simba came to us from Chiffondolls cattery in Canada. I waited for a long time for this stunning boy. Simba weighed over 7 lbs at 4 months of age! He has the most beautiful lynx patterns, strong boning, big blue eyes, and lovely profile. Simba is also a purring machine and loves cuddling and belly rubs. I cannot be grateful enough to his breeder, Brigitte Jean-Duguay, for this fantasitc boy!

CH, RW Adorabledoll Sugar of Doll Villa

CFA Champion and Regional Winner
2018-19 CFA Regions 1-9 (North America, Europe, and Japan):
4th Best Ragdoll Kitten
2018-19 CFA Southwest Region:
4th Best Kitten
Blue Point & White (Bicolor)
SIRE: 5Starrags DeAndre of Adorabledoll
DAM: Adorabledoll Chevonne
FeLV/FIV negative
Tested Negative on HCM and PKD genes by UC Davis
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